Friday, December 12, 2014

Research Blog 10: Abstract, Bibliography, and Link to Paper

After careful and extensive research on Greek life on college campuses and the benefits it holds for students, I have developed a main idea for my research topic. The main topic for this research assignment is the link between certain social skills needed to succeed in the workforce and how Greek life correlates to these skills. The main research question for this paper is “Can Greek Life Organizations, on college campuses, have a positive impact on the young men and women once they graduate and search for jobs?” Based on research from multiple sources I have found that Greek life directly correlates to obtaining a job after graduation. The skills needed to thrive in the workforce are enhanced through involvement in Greek letter organizations. I also found that fraternities and sororities look for these certain skills through out the new member recruitment process. Based on these findings Greek organizations do have a positive impact on the young men and women on college campuses. 

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